Why Powerconsumer?

Let’s talk about AQEW.

What is this and why does it matter?

There are two numbers that are important to understand in the generation of Global Adjustment five coincident peaks in power (5CP) – Ontario Demand and AQEW (Allocated Quantity of Energy Withdrawn.) Ontario Demand is the number that is posted in real time that shows the rise and fall of power usage in Ontario; while it is useful to get a sense of when a peak might be, it is not the actual number that the peak is based upon. Enter the AQEW.

AQEW is the number that is verified by the IESO (Ontario’s power system manager) and published 20 business days after the original peak. This is the number that the peak is actually calculated against and it often differs from the Ontario Demand number. (see table below)

What does this mean? Most Peak Alert Services use Ontario Demand as their key metric of prediction, which is simply not as accurate as using AQEW. When choosing your Peak Alert service, calculations around AQEW are key.

Let’s Compare…
2018 Top 5 Ontario Demand
Date HE Ont Demand
5-Sep-18 18 23240
5-Jul-18 16 23045
4-Jul-18 19 22517
28-Aug-18 17 21989
4-Sep-18 17 21885

Even though AQEW is what a peak is calculated with, our competitors repackage this Ontario Demand data for their alert systems. As you can see, this data is not relevant in deciding peak hour.

2018 Top 5 AQEW
5-Sep-18 17 22559
5-Jul-18 15 22423
4-Jul-18 18 22127
28-Aug-18 17 21654
4-Sep-18 17 21385

When using an AQEW based peak prediction platform, like Powerconsumer’s, you can ensure you are catching more peaks, saving your business money.

Powerconsumer’s advanced analytics accurately predict AQEW = precise Peak Alerts = maximum savings for your business.

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The Powerconsumer Peak Alert is easy to tailor to the needs of your business.
  • Operational flexibility: Does your business need a more notice to shut down? Let’s us send you an alert in at 5am. Can you turn on a dime? We can send an alert closer to the peak.
  • Smaller curtailment windows: Because we use AQEW to predict peaks (see “Let’s Talk About AQEW” above), we are able to hone in and provide a “heat map” that allows you to make the most informed decision about the peak and your business.
  • Fewer and more accurate alerts: Reduce the cost of curtailments with our advanced analytics that allows for us to send fewer alerts in each base period.
  • Machine-to-machine communication: We can fully automate our Peak Alert Service to talk directly to your technology, freeing you up to focus on what makes your business tick.
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