Is switching to Class A the right choice for your business?

Are you part of a small or mid-sized industrial or commercial business?

Recent announcements by the Government of Ontario will affect how electricity costs are charged to small and mid-sized industrial and commercial enterprises in Ontario. What do you need to know to understand how these changes will affect you? We have three options to help you figure it out.

The Quick & General DIY Option

You need an indicator of what Class A will mean for your business and you don’t want to wait.
We have a calculator for that.

For business customers that use a lot of energy, changes in energy policy present an opportunity to reduce bills significantly by avoiding high demand during system peaks. As an eligible customer, you have to decide whether to opt in now or to wait another year to choose.

Powerconsumer’s free bill calculator will analyze whether Class A is right for you, and if so, what the cost saving potential might be and how you can target those cost savings. You just need your power bill and our calculator will indicate if you should contact us for a precise accessment.

The Detailed DIY Option

You like things technical and want learn about the specifics of how your company would be affected by making the Class A switch.
We’ve got an article for that.

Complete with diagrams and tables, you’ll come out the other end of this informative read in-the-know about what Class A decision is right for your business.

After you’re done there, check out a free assessment calculator for an indicative Class A assessment or get in touch with us for our detailed analysis using your actual meter data.

The Precise & Custom Option

You are busy running your business and just want all the facts in detail and tailored to your specific needs.
We have a team for that.

Our free calculator tool helps to give you a basic idea of what decision to make regarding Class A; however, our professional assessment takes things further. After we analyze all of the relevant variables for your particular business, including your actual meter data, we tell you directly what Class A decision is best for you. No guess work required.

Get in touch with us for your professional assessment.

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