Our peak alerts are designed for customers

It is how we deliver maximum electricity cost savings

All roads lead to savings.

1. Peak predicted 2. Alert sent & action taken 3. Money saved 4. Cheer performed!

The Importance of Peak Alerts

Predicting peaks is key to reducing electricity costs

Days in Ontario over 30 degrees Celsius drive high A/C demand: the hotter, the higher. A string of hot days in July where daytime highs remain above 30 is almost guaranteed to set peak days.

When we have mild weather, picking peaks gets much harder. If we have a cool summer, or an extended period of hot weather, you could be chasing peaks into the fall. Even if you get the day right, you will be guessing the hour of peak, which is difficult to predict, even on the right day.

We designed our peak alert service to be customized for each customer, based on a detailed analysis of each customer’s operating plan and flexibility. We provide the number of alerts you want, with the advance notification you need, for the operating window you specify, with the level of risk you are willing to take.

Focus on running your business with a customized Powerconsumer Peak Alert.


Our peak are alerts customized to maximize electricity cost savings.

We don’t want clients to lose production or risk tenant comfort by shedding 8 hours at a time, 15-20 times a year. We also do not want them to miss peaks that can predicted. That’s why we built our tools for precision.

What this means for you: maximum savings at minimum cost.


A customized strategy for peak alerts is the foundation of a solid plan for electricity cost savings.

Powerconsumer tracks and compiles weather data, market data, and customer data to analyze the factors that affect system demand, and that affect a customer’s electricity demand.

What this means for you: an accurate forecast of peaks that is customized to the way your business uses power.


Our peak alerts are based on detailed statistics to give reliable estimates of cost savings

Powerconsumer’s probabilistic analysis helps us more accurately target peak seasons, peak days, amd peak hours.

Our Peak Alert service looks 7 days into the future, to give you and your team the heads-up you need to be prepared for when peaks occur.

What this means for you: valuable insight into how your business uses power, what it costs you when, and how you can reliably reduce costs even more.

What do Powerconsumer’s Critical Peak services look like?