Powerconsumer offers two Global Adjustment peak alert options: the Basic 5am CP alert service and the Premium real time CP alert service.
5CP Event Notification *
5CP Current Day Reminder *
Fully Customizable
Real Time Alerts
Machine-to-Machine API Option

* see Technical Specifications below for details.


Powerconsumer generates market input vectors in real time meaning exacting detail.

Powerful API

Peak related decisions are simple with machine-to-machine communication.


Every business is different. Your peak alert report and delivery mechanism will be too.


20 of 20 5CP would have been caught by business on a 3 hour curtailment plan between 2014 and 2017.

Technical Specifications

The CP Alert Service includes a daily email alert at 5am every day. The email will include a pdf attachment and worksheet table with data values. Each report includes hourly market values for the week and hourly forecast values for the week ahead, including key market indicators, price statistics, generator operations, embedded generation and demand response profiles. Each daily report forecasts 7 days ahead, and compares forecast daily peaks to ranked and average historical peaks to estimate conditional probabilities for actual incidence and timing of the Ontario system five critical peaks during a base period. The report includes tables with conditional probability values.

There are 2 different 5CP alert notification categories: 5CP event notification and 5CP current day reminder. The emails are sent using the Powerconsumer standard template and email information i.e. server name, credentials.

5CP event notifications details

Notification conditions

Only new alerts will be sent. Alerts that have been previously issued will not be re-sent. Notifications will be sent if any one of the following conditions is detected:

  • A new alert between day 0 and 6 is detected
  • An alert previously issued is no longer valid
  • Hour ending of an alert has been shifted

Notification content

1. Email title: “5CP Alert notification”
2. Email body

  • Text: “5CP event is detected as follows:”
  • Table: Sample
    Date Expected Hourly Interval Coincident Peak Event
    2017/07/22 6-7 pm EDT New Alert
    2017/07/23 4-5 pm EDT New Alert
    2017/07/24 4-5 pm EDT Peak Shift (previously hour ending 16)
    2017/07/25 3-4 pm EDT Alert cancelled
  • 5CP overview for the next 7 days, in the form of a daily report attachment. Daily report looks our 7 days. Daily report will be arranged as follows: 5CP alert heat map on page 1, AQEW forecast on page 2, support market analytics on page 3 & 4
  • A 7-day heat map will be featured within the email body
5CP current and next day reminder details

Reminder conditions

Reminder will be sent only if there is a coincident peak detected for the current day and next day. Reminder will not be sent if an alert notification already happens on the same day.

Reminder content

1. Email title: “5CP Current Day Alert Reminder” and “5CP Next Day Alert Reminder”

2. Email body

  • Text: “5CP event is detected for today at hour between xxx am/pm and YYY am/pm EDT/EST”
  • CP heat map. This is extracted from the daily report (see below).

CP Heat Map

our critical peak heat map presents colour-coded predictions at a glance.

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