High peak energy costs on your electricity bill eating into your bottom line?

We’ve got a plan…

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…maybe you’d like to save money on your energy bill but don’t know where to start…

Line drawing of computer with IESO Peak Tracker graph

…or maybe you’re a regular on the IESO peak tracker site but would like a more efficient solution for predicting peaks…

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…maybe you have a peak alert service that isn’t a great fit for the current needs of your business…

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Whatever the stage of your power management strategy, Powerconsumer can create a plan to fit the needs of your business.

With the our Global Adjustment Peak Alert Service, you’ll never need to guess at power savings again. Learn more about our services.

What is a Peak Alert?

Using power when there is higher demand costs more – simple enough – but it gets more complicated than that. There are certain times that are calculated to be peak hours that cost the most therefore reducing or shutting down operations during this hour can offer substantial financial savings. The IESO Peak Tracker can help with this, but doesn’t consider a variety of conditions in its output.  However, our Global Adjustment Peak Alert analyzes multiple variables then lets you know when this hour is coming so you can make the best decisions for your business with accurate and timely data. Learn more.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve earned the trust of industries that are in-the-know about power consumption – commerical building HVAC automation companies, battery operators, energy management companies. Furthermore, we work behind the scenes with other companies that sell peak alert services.  Now we’re ready to earn your trust. Learn more.

One size does not fit all. Powerconsumer tailors to your business needs.