Never Miss a Peak Again

All roads lead to savings.

1. Peak predicted 2. Alert sent & action taken 3. Money saved 4. Cheer performed!

The Importance of Peak Alerts

There is no question: following when there will be a peak in power and reducing your power consumption during this time will save your business money. The question is “what is the most efficient way to do this?”

The Powerconsumer Peak Alert can come in the form of an email or text when a peak is forecasted and it arrives at a time that is most appropriate for your business. We determine when the peak is approaching by aggregating and analyzing a number of factors that results in accurate peak prediction. Our Global Adjustment Peak Alert can even be integrated with your machine control systems, shutting them down for the appropriate length of time.

What does this mean for you? No need to constantly check in with the IESO peak predictor tool that updates hourly. No need spend your time guessing if the information you are looking at will result in a peak. No need to curtail your energy usage unnecessarily.

Focus on running your business and feel confident that your power savings needs are being met with a customized Powerconsumer Peak Alert.


Powerconsumer forecasts the hour of peak, not just overall daily demand, allowing our clients to maximize production and profitability.

We don’t want clients to lose production or risk tenant comfort by shedding 8 hours at a time, 15-20 times a year. That’s why we built our tools for precision.

What this means for you: maximum savings at minimum cost.


We use unique analytics to look into the future.

Powerconsumer has built predictive analytical tools by analyzing years of historical AQEW data to determine what input vectors are crucial for predicting AQEW load patterns. We also use Industrial Demand Response analysis to determine how peak shapes are influenced during high demand hours.

What this means for you: an accurate calculation of when peaks will occur so you can make the best decisions for you company.


We cover all the Critical Peak bases.

Powerconsumer also performs probabilistic analysis on projected AQEW data to determine if an upcoming peak will contribute to the 5CP, one of the 5 Critical Peaks for the year. Since the 5CP are the least cost-effective times to be running energy intensive operations, knowing when they are occur are essential to saving on your electricity bill. Additionally, this concentrated analysis is used to project hourly AQEW for 7 days into the future.

What this means for you: extra insight into the times your business can be saving the most.

What do Powerconsumer’s Critical Peak services look like?